Dynamic Talent<span class="green-accent"> Solutions</span> for Immediate Impact

Our contingent search connects you with top-tier professionals in the fresh produce industry. Experience a seamless journey to finding the right talent ready to make an immediate and significant contribution to your business.
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High Success Rate in Placements

With an impressive success rate of over 90%, we show our commitment to exceeding client expectations in contingent search, efficiently connecting businesses with the right talent.

Rapid Candidate Connection

With an average time to connect clients with suitable candidates being just 3 weeks, we demonstrate our agility and deep understanding of the fresh produce industry's dynamics.

Long-Term Impact of Placements

The candidates we place are not just fit for today but for the future, contributing to the long-term success and growth of the organisations they join in the fresh produce sector.
Our Process

Contingent Search


Client Briefing Meeting

In this initial step, we engage with you to understand your organisation's specific needs, culture, and the precise requirements for the role, setting the foundation for a targeted search.

Tap into Our Network

Utilising our extensive network of active candidates, we quickly identify potential matches, ensuring you access a pool of qualified professionals who are ready to meet your business needs.

Candidate Interviews and Assessments

Potential candidates undergo thorough interviews and assessments to evaluate their fit, both in terms of skills and compatibility with your organisation's culture and objectives.

Present Candidates to Client

We present a curated list of suitable candidates with detailed profiles to aid in the decision making process.

Facilitate Client Interviews and Selection

Our team facilitates the interview process between you and the candidates, and assists in the final selection, ensuring a smooth and efficient hiring experience.

Accelerate Your <span class="bright-green-accent">Talent Acquisition</span> </br>with Expert Contingent Search

Work with us for specialised contingent search services tailored to your immediate talent needs. Schedule a consultation to explore how we can connect you with exceptional professionals.
Lucy helped me to fill fresh produce professionals in different countries: Spain, Germany, South Africa. Very professional and provided clear and regular reports about the recruitment process. I recommend!
Fabienne-Anne, SIXDENIERS
EMEA Senior Human Resources Manager chez AgroFreshEMEA


Considering our contingent search services for your hiring needs? Our FAQs provide insights into our areas of specialisation, our collaborative approach with clients, and our commitment to successful outcomes, even in challenging searches.
What is contingent search and how does it differ from executive search?

Contingent search focuses on efficiently filling lower-level or easily fillable roles, using our extensive network for swift talent acquisition. It differs from executive search, which targets senior-level, strategic positions or unlike retained search, which is used for niche or hard-to-fill mid-level roles.

How does LCR International's contingent search process work?

Our contingent search process begins with understanding your specific needs, then quickly tapping into our network to identify suitable candidates, followed by thorough interviews and assessments, and culminating in facilitating interviews and selection.

What types of roles are best suited for contingent search?

Contingent search is most effective for roles that are considered lower level or easy to fill. This approach is tailored for positions where specialised skills or high-level expertise are not the primary requirements, making the process more straightforward.

What is the typical duration of LCR International's contingent search process?

Typically, the duration of a contingent search can range from 8-12 weeks, varying based on the role's specific requirements and the availability of suitable candidates in our network.

What is the fee structure for contingent search services?

Our fee for contingent search services is aligned with the success of the placement. You incur a fee only when we successfully place a candidate in your organisation.

How does LCR International ensure the quality of candidates in contingent search?

We maintain high standards in candidate selection by conducting in-depth interviews and assessments, ensuring they not only have the required skills but also fit well with your company's culture.

Can contingent search be used for urgent hiring needs?

While contingent search is effective for various hiring scenarios, it's important to note that its speed can vary depending on the role's specific requirements. Although typically associated with quick placements, contingent search doesn't always guarantee a faster process. Similarly, retained search, known for being thorough, can also be expedited to efficiently meet urgent hiring needs, offering versatility in our approach to different search types.

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