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Fresh Produce Recruitment: Placement of a Business Development Manager to Open New Markets

November 14, 2023

Client : Fluna, a company helping high-growth African exporters and importers tap into global markets

Position:Business Developer Manager

Location: Netherlands

Model: Exclusive

The Assignment

Fluna helps high-growth African exporters and importers tap into global markets via proprietary trade data, flexible financing, and global treasury solutions. The Co-Founder was keen to enlist the expertise of an executive search firm to assist in the crucial mission of discovering, evaluating, and appointing a Business Development Manager to open new target markets across Europe in the fresh fruit sector.

The ideal candidate for the role of Business Development Manager should possess expertise in marketing fresh produce. They sought an entrepreneurial individual capable of cultivating new markets from the ground up, crafting business plans, and successfully onboarding new customers.

Being a fledgling enterprise in the fresh produce sector, Fluna approached LCR as a seasoned industry expert. After soliciting references from LCR's existing clients and receiving a robust endorsement, Fluna exclusively engaged LCR in the mission to identify and involve the most suitable candidate.

The Solution

The search initiated with a comprehensive briefing session involving the Fluna leadership team to agree on the ideal profile, competencies, geographical locations, and the hiring process. Emphasizing the need for a swift search to secure and integrate a candidate within a tight timeframe, Fluna conveyed this imperative to LCR. In response, LCR proposed initiating the process by discreetly tapping into their extensive network of existing candidates, aiming for a rapid success.

LCR, employing a confidential approach, conducted interviews with their current contacts and promptly shortlisted six candidates for Fluna, who proceeded to the first stage of the interview process, with two candidates quickly progressing to final stage.

The Result

After conducting comprehensive face-to-face interviews with qualified candidates, LCR presented Fluna with a shortlist of individuals who not only met the required qualifications but also expressed genuine interest in the position. The entire selection process was efficiently concluded within a few weeks, allowing Fluna to swiftly secure a candidate equipped with the industry contacts and market expertise, resulting in rapid success.

The recently appointed Business Development Manager promptly demonstrated the essential skills needed to open new markets across Europe, diversify the product portfolio, and achieve a substantial increase in sales.

Timeline (LCR guided the process to offer acceptance within 6 weeks)

Week 1 → Client briefing | Talent Mapping of passive candidates | Proactively approaching the potential candidate pool.

Week 2 → Assessment of candidates and screening interviews by LCR | Candidate shortlist presented to the client

Week 3 →  Client conducted stage one interviews

Week 4 → Client conducted stage two interviews  

Week 5 → Offer of employment

Week 6 → Offer accepted

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