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Placement of a SaaS Product Specialist for AgTech

January 30, 2024
Client: AgroFresh, a company that develops agriculture technologies.
Position: Product Specialist
Location: Spain
Model: Exclusive - Retained
  • Niche skill set required
  • Market specificity
  • Language barrier
  • Cultural fit

The Assignment

In response to an expansion phase marked by increased market presence, AgroFresh sought to promote their novel SaaS product within the Spanish market, specifically targeting fruit and vegetable growers and packers. Recognizing the need for an executive search specialist with a deep understanding of the intricacies of the Spanish market, the CEO of AgroFresh initiated discussions with LCR International Ltd. In this endeavour, the CEO facilitated internal introductions to global teams within AgroFresh.

AgroFresh's prior experiences highlighted the challenges associated with recruiting individuals possessing niche skill sets, further compounded by extensive and intricate hiring processes. In light of these challenges, AgroFresh decided to engage LCR International, acknowledging our established track record in successfully filling specialized and strategic roles within the sector.

The Solution

LCR International Ltd initiated the search process by conducting a comprehensive briefing session with AgroFresh's senior leadership team. This crucial meeting served as a cornerstone in gaining insights into the intricacies of the Product Specialist role and its responsibilities, while also outlining the specific attributes defining the company's ideal candidate. An in-depth analysis of past challenges informed our understanding, allowing us to develop strategic approaches to address and overcome these hurdles effectively.

Drawing upon our extensive knowledge of the geographical location and the fresh produce sector, we meticulously undertook a thorough market exploration. This involved identifying and assessing potential candidates not only within Spain but also across neighbouring countries, ensuring alignment with the rigorous criteria set for the role. Subsequently, our outreach efforts were characterized by a discreet and highly professional approach, with an unwavering commitment to preserving confidentiality and upholding the highest standards of professionalism throughout the engagement process.

The Result

After a thorough evaluation conducted by LCR, which included in-person interviews and online assessments, we efficiently compiled a select list of candidates for presentation to AgroFresh well in advance of the deadline. This facilitated a prompt transition to the offer stage for AgroFresh.

This streamlined process proved advantageous for AgroFresh, enabling them to secure an exceptionally qualified candidate whose skill set aligned seamlessly with the company's standards and objectives.

Timeline (LCR guided the process to offer acceptance within 8 weeks)

Week 1 -> Briefing session

Week 2 -> Comprehensive search | Potential candidates interviewed & assessed | Shortlist submitted

Week 3 -> Comprehensive search | Potential candidates interviewed & assessed | Shortlist submitted (continued)

Week 4 -> Client conducted stage one interviews

Week 5 -> Client conducted stage two interviews

Week 6 -> Offer of employment

Week 8 -> Offer accepted

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