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Fresh Produce Recruitment: Placement of a Director of Quality Insights for Global Awareness

November 16, 2023

Client : Sun World. One of the world's largest plant variety breeders and global licensors of premium, proprietary produce.

Position: Director of Quality Insights

Location: USA / Spain

Model: Exclusive. Retained.

The Assignment

During a transformative phase at Sun World International, the CEO and recently appointed Chief HR Officer engaged with LCR International to facilitate multiple global appointments.

The organization enlisted the expertise of an executive search firm to assist in the pivotal endeavor of identifying, engaging, evaluating, and appointing a senior leader crucial to advancing the company's trajectory.

Sun World was determined to enlist a Senior Leader specializing in Quality Insights, tasked with guiding licensees toward elevated quality through data-driven insights, with a robust understanding of the retail sector. Acknowledging LCR International's proficiency in pinpointing highly qualified candidates, particularly in the intricate field of fruit breeding, Sun World approached Lucy Robinson, the proprietor of LCR International Ltd, to oversee the comprehensive search and senior hiring process.

The Solution

LCR International Ltd initiated the search process by conducting an in-depth briefing session with the senior leadership team at Sun World. This session played a pivotal role in gaining insights into the nuances of the role and its associated responsibilities, as well as describing the characteristics of the ideal candidate sought by the company. Our efforts encompassed not only outlining the requisite profile and competencies but also specifying target companies, geographical considerations, and a well-defined timeline.

Drawing upon our familiarity with the location and expertise in the fruit breeding sector, we conducted a thorough market exploration to identify all potential candidates capable of meeting the stringent criteria for this specialized role. Subsequently, we undertook a discreet and highly professional approach in reaching out to each prospective candidate, ensuring a meticulous focus on maintaining confidentiality and professionalism throughout the entire process.

At the request of Sun World, we tactfully approached individuals from direct competitors, and the company provided LCR with a set of ideal profiles to target.

The Result

After LCR's thorough evaluation process, which included face-to-face interviews and online assessments, we effectively compiled a shortlist of candidates for Sun World's consideration.

Sun World successfully onboarded an exceptionally qualified candidate whose skill set seamlessly aligned with the company's standards and objectives. The newly appointed Director of Quality Insights promptly showcased the expertise needed to lead and supervise the function, substantially improve the company's data-driven insights, and crucially, contribute to the development of new processes and quality systems.

The selected candidate was appointed from a competitor business and had been specifically targeted and identified by Sun World.

Timeline (LCR guided the process to offer acceptance within 6 weeks)

Week 1 → Client briefing

Week 2 → Comprehensive search  Potential Candidates Interviewed & Assessed   Shortlist submitted

Week 3 → 1st stage interviews

Week 4 → 2nd stage interviews

Week 6 → Offer of employment

Week 7 → Offer Accepted

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