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Placement of a Chief Scientific Officer for Variety Development

November 23, 2023
Client : Advanced Berry Breeding, a breeding company for soft fruit focusing on the international fresh market.
Position: Chief Scientific Officer
Location: Netherlands
Model: Exclusive - Retained

  • Specialised talent
  • Strong competition
  • Cultural fit
  • Time sensitivity

The Assignment

During a period of growth for Advanced Berry Breeding, the CEO sought the services of an executive search firm to support them in the critical task of identifying, engaging, assessing and appointing a senior leader key to supporting the company’s trajectory.

Advanced Berry Breeding was keen to secure the services of a CSO who would assume responsibility for overseeing the scientific and research aspects of the company's operations. Their role involves strategic leadership, innovation, and scientific management to drive the company's berry breeding programs and ensure its growth and success.

Recognising LCR International’s competence due to previous collaborations, Advanced Berry Breeding reached out to Jennifer Gillett, to assume responsibility for managing the comprehensive search and senior hiring process.

The Solution

LCR International Ltd commenced the search process with an extensive briefing session with the senior leadership team at Advanced Berry Breeding. This meeting was instrumental in understanding the intricacies of the role and responsibilities of the CSO in addition to to characterising the company’s ideal candidate. We also analysed the underlying factors contributing to the challenges faced enabling us to formulate strategies to mitigate such difficulties during the search with LCR.

We leveraged our familiarity with the location and fruit breeding sector to conduct an exhaustive market exploration identifying all prospective candidates with the potential to meet the stringent criteria for this specific CSO role, followed by a discrete and highly professional approach in reaching out to each prospective candidate with a keen attention to maintaining confidentiality and professionalism throughout the process.

The Result

Following LCR’s meticulous evaluation process covering face to face interviews and online assessments we successfully curated a shortlist of candidates for presentation to Advanced Berry Breeding in advance of the deadline, allowing them to move swiftly to the offer stage.

Advanced Berry Breeding benefitting from this expedited process was able to secure an exceptionally qualified candidate whose skill set was an excellent match for the company’s standards and goals.

Timeline (LCR guided the process to offer acceptance within 6 weeks)

Week 1 → Client briefing

Week 2 → Comprehensive search  Potential Candidates Interviewed & Assessed Shortlist submitted

Week 3 → 1st stage interviews

Week 4 → 2nd stage interviews

Week 5 → Offer of employment

Week 6 → Offer Accepted

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